Amat - Goddess of life and death

Most people who believe in the Church of Harbinger call her Mother. She is the one who appeared when all hope was lost. We don't know exactly how long humans lived on Pentara when Alachanhea, nature itself, turned against us and began to decimate our population. Our ancestors perished day by day and it was the certainty of death itself which united every living human. We don't know how or why, but suddenly Amat appeared and she stood up for us. She appears in various ages. I’ve met her twice, the first time, she was a little girl of maybe eight years. I recognized her because of her glowing eyes of orange and blue. Her stare makes me shiver whenever I see my painting of her. She is a kind and calm deity to talk with; her voice is husky, resonating within my head. The second time I met her was for her portrait session. She appeared as a young woman. She sat right in front of me, and the moment I lifted the brush, a skull-raven appeared and landed on her arm. It confused me for a moment, but then, I decided it would make a fitting portrait with the harbinger besides her. She was proud of her new arm ink -a little girl had painted it on her arm before the session, and she made sure I'd capture it on the painting.


The session took about two days and the time passed like minutes. I captured her without allowing my brush to rest and she didn't move all that time... it was the most intense experience of my entire life.


The painting itself is now displayed in the Museum of Natural History in Darley. I visit her often because she wont get out of my mind and I didn't get a second opportunity to meet her in person.


267 A.H. Florence B. Hearthstone; Royal Artist