The Commonwealth 1746 - 1795


This is a map of the known world. Since Alachanhea (nature) decimated our population our space to live is limited to this area of Pentara. Every try to expand or explore new terretories was a failure since nature is lethal outside  the borders of the Commonwealth.


WESTBURY builds the centre of life. With its green hills, seas and rivers it's a good place to life. It's a monarchy for 859 years now.


Darley is the kings capitol and with a population of 211.000 people (counted in the last year 1794 A.H.) the largest city in the Commonwealth. It's divided into five districts, the merchant and shipyard district in the south, the military and instustrial district in the east, the university and museums district to the west, the royal district in the north and the old temple district in the middle of Darley.


Mistwick is the transportation hub between the cities in Westbury and with the population of 2500 the smallest city. The Rangers training camp is located in the middle of the Salisburry Sea. They speak their vows and learn everything about nature to survive in the wilderniss. Near the sea is the Burnwood prison located. The land around the city is populated by farmers.


Duneby is the last city to the south of Westbury. It's a hub for fishermen, merchants and information. Rumors, stories and informations get exchanged between Duneby and Dunford. The city itself counts 6800 Souls.


"The climate and the temper is getting rougher from here."

-old saw of Duneby fishermen


Caley is the Templecity of Westbury. It locates Amats residence and the shrines of the lower deities. It's most visited place for all pilgrims of the Church of Harbinger.


Readwick is the gate that connects Westbury with Cuwick and Talem. Because of being located near Caley it's growded with pilgrims and religios people. The Church of Harbinger's cathedral is a major attraction point.