Ixory - Bell (screaming berry bell)


This thorn-bush is a good example of how the nature turned against us. B.H. (before Harvest) the berries were a solid and lasting food source because the plant grows them even during winter. They contain a lot of ingredients against all sorts of diseases.

 The glue bubbles back then were meant to capture smaller animals like Rabbits and it's spore keep attached to them while they pull themselves loose. It was the main way to be able to multiply itself. It was completely harmless to humans.


The berries shine red and from its side a face with black lines smiles to the viewer.


Today the Ixory Bell is one of the most dangerous plants around the isles. It's berries are still tasty and helps with the most diseases but the thorns contain a wicked poison. Once a poor soul gets stuck into the branches the advice is not to move. A little scratch from its thorns is enough for a one week lasting, painful death in agony.


There are three stages after the infection:


 Within the first three ours the perception of the victim is changed. They're not able to see colors anymore. Some parts of the body gets numb and a huge burning pain sets in.

 After two days multiple pustules and aggression towards other humans sets in. Within this stage the affected person is a real danger for other citizen. A bite or any other contact with the body fluids of this person and the poison of the Ixory Bell will be carried over.

 After 5-7 days the victim dies since all body functions are gone. Trough the remains new Ixory Bell plants grow and spread. Because of that it's ordered by law to burn all affected victims of this plant.



There is no known cure yet, the only method to survive the poison is an immediately amputation of the affected limb.