The Artist:

Patrick Rieser



Photoshop CC


I'm 35 years old and a selfthaught artist. I started 8 years ago with learning how to use Photoshop. I never worked in the industry or as a freelance artist. Creating ideas and fleshing them out is my passion and this takes time.


This Project is a dream of mine. Being able to illustrate my own ideas and dreams, sharing them to inspiratie you and your dreams. My artistic journey is a wonferful one, patterned with stubborness and patience. I'm convinced that the long road is always the more rewarding.

Writer and a huge Inspiration:

Suz Anne Wipperling


Hi, I am Suz Anne Wipperling. My physical body is in Minnesota, USA, but I live in stories. It is a world where everything is possible. Here, all lives matter for what they add to the drama. I met Patrick Rieser through an online writing group, where he asked for writers to help bring his world to life. I personal messaged him, asking for more specifics. He sent me some of his pictures, and my mind immediately began a new life, living within the world Patrick created.


I have ten novels in various stages of conception. I’ve published over 15 articles in a local magazine that celebrates women and their accomplishments, and I am a published poet. I work registering patients at the local clinic, and I go to college full-time.