#1 of Ideas and Frustration

My favorite phase of an idea is the unspoken one, while it’s just dwelling in my head. In this state the possibilities for this idea are endless because it could be anything from here. But if the idea gets more and more crisp it develops its own dynamic. The wish to realize it gets stronger every day and then there is that moment when you cross the verge and begin to form it into shape. To make an idea happen it needs to be invented twice, one time in your mind and the second time in reality.



The decision itself is easy, the realization on the other hand quite hard.

The ultimate skill to achieve your project is patience, yes, even before skill. You need to be prepared and accept that you will fail along your way a lot of times, period. Those frustrating moment are necessary to achieve anything. You will be forced to find solutions for problems you haven’t thought about before and this is the fragment you need – frustration - . Seek it, embrace it and be happy for the days when nothing works out, no matter how hard or often you try.



The simple truth about this is: “Without frustration there is no improvement.”



When you have one of those “bad days” when nothing works out the way you planned, keep confident. From my experience when we go to bed our subconscious is already working on solutions. So when you wake up the next day you will be equipped with at least one idea how to tackle your problem. For me this works good, with the moment I go to bed and close my eyes I can see how the strokes and shading would look better. Sure this is no guaranty to succeed the next day but here comes our main skill, patience. Keep going and you will get where you’re headed.  



It’s amazing what our brain can do. So instead of grieving for an “unproductive” day, prepare yourself for the next one. Be confident and embrace the frustration. It’s a sign you’re already improving when you do not stop at this crucial moment.


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