Beware - this site is changing it's appearance like the infinite clouds

Welcome to the "About painting Tales project".


I'm an artist and a daydreamer, I began to draw because of the lack of words to describe the worlds and stories in my mind. Today it's a passion and I breathe it with every second of my life.


With this website I want to introduce you the world of Pentara.

I will paint the frame for this world with all the important gods, places and individuals. My goal is to provide every curious soul with a place full of untold stories and possibilities. I'm dreaming of a world which is rich of detail and inspire people to feel this world and become a part of it. Maybe you will write your own story and become a part of the dream. It's a large world but humans settle just a small part of it because nature is a hostile threat. Gods exist and life in this world, gaining more and more influence. 


This website project will develop with time. My goal is to make it clearer with every drawing and story. It's finished when I die, to live on as a dream which came true.So I invite you to stay and have a look around - dive into the world

with all it's dangers, secrets and deities.  




Patrick Rieser